Afrika Project

Radio Diamond Afrika Project at Nadoli (Central Region Ghana).


A world where Mother Afrika is truly recognised for it’s contributions to world civilizations. Where its children, both home and abroad are reunited in the spirit of oneness and love, sharing a collective vision to return Mother Afrika to its original position of greatness, free of exploitation, poverty and corruption.


  • To utilze Radio Diamond media to educate and empower Local and International communities on Afrikan centred issues, through information, Human Rights and Unity based activities.
  • To use our freedom of speech platforms to help suppressed Afiikan communities to become liberated through radio links, to be able to share their message, have a voice and gather international community support for their cause.
  • To give back to Mother Afrika, through organised projects, donations and targeted support activities , to help alleviate the suffering of our brothers and sisters.
  • Establish links and partnerships with Afrikan centred organizations for joint campaign’s and advocacy activities.( e.g.UN Decade of People of African Descent)
  • To Open up solution focused dialogue and debate with African Embassy’s, Legislatures, Community Leaders and representatives on issues of Accountability and Transparency in Afrikan Nations.