Sunrise 2 Sunset - August 2023

Sunrise 2 Sunset – August 2023

The FAMILY of BARRY ANDERSON aka BARRY GEE are regretfully announcing the passing of yet another key member.

Their beloved father, grandfather, spouse, son, brother, uncle and cousin BARRY; unexpectedly passed away moments before an emergency hospital procedure (having suffered a fatal heart attack) on Saturday 19 August 2023.

His sudden passing has rocked not only the hearts of his immediate family but sent tremors throughout the surrounding communities within Manchester and his most loved Moss Side.

Having served the DJaying Fraternity of Moss Side since the 1980s; the organisers of Sunrise to Sunset event, in recognition of Barry’s support, have extended the opportunity to ALL Barry’s friends, associates and family to attend centrally today at Westwood Street; in appreciation of his community works over the past 4 decades.

Along with each of the souls that have passed from OUR COMMUNITY in recent years, Barry’s memory will be celebrated TODAY at Westwood Street 2pm to 10pm… ALL are welcome.

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