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KayBee DJ & Radio Presenter - DJ of the Month

DJ & Radio Presenter Bio With over thirty years experience as a DJ and radio presenter, Manchester’s KayBee withholds a masterful knowledge of her craft. Alongside specialising in urban music such as R&B, soul, dancehall, reggae, garage and afrobeats, she comes with the talent and charisma only few possess.

KayBee started her career with Manchester’s Frontline Radio in the late 1980s, where as a young radio presenter she developed her style and character to become a well known figure within Manchester’s renowned music scene. Now, KayBee hosts a successful regular show with her sister on ALL FM.

From studio to live, KayBee shone through the male dominant community at the time of her beginnings, landing DJ gigs at iconic venues across town – most notably Checkpoint Charlie’s, a venue in which Time Out magazine described the vibe as being “off the scale”.

Throughout her career, KayBee has been a proud supporter and representative of women in the music industry coupling this with years of hard work and undeterred focus, her endeavours and accolades are now culminating into the post-pandemic resurgence of a true Manchester legend.