DJ Kyoji


DJ Kioji

My name is Chino aka Dj Kyoji.
I have been involved in music, theatre and dance ever since I was born. With both parents during my childhood being heavily involved with Arts and Design, acting and decoration design for theatre shows, and as I was always surrounded by actors, musicians and artists, music and graphic design got a hold of my soul.
Whenever my parents had a show on the theatre, they would always carry me in a picknick basket, place me behind the stage curtain beneath the piano and I would only sleep during the show. No matter the noise, I would only wake up as soon as the show was over.
With the passing of my mother in the late nineties, the love for arts and music faded away for several years in our house, as she was the main sound in the family’s life.
The one thing that kept me and my sisters strong, who both work in the media industry as well, is my incredibly creative abstractive painter, my father.
I am East African and grew up half my life in the Netherlands and The UK.
While I was studying Graphic Design, I quickly realised how much I missed music and singing and started creating music.
Ever since childhood I was obsessed with sound effects and I always had one question on my mind…How does sound travel?
So I started to learn the principles sound waves, the theory of music and production.
During parties people always approached me to play the songs and I kept hearing the words “you should be a Dj”.
So I purchased my first set of decks, started to mess around with some tracks and very quickly realised that THIS is what I am really good at.
I love playing Afrobeats and Amapiano, a huge fan of Drum and Bass, and incorporate a lot of RnB, HipHop, Dancehall, Reggeaton, and House in my mixes.
I have now been djing for 2 years, and have played at private parties, weddings, staff parties, bars and clubs and now honoured to have been welcomed to become part of the Radio Diamond family and it’s legacy.
Check out my mixes…I am sure to get you off your chair and shake a leg!